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At the heart of a community there is help and caring. minded gives is a place where we help to remove those barriers and provide our needing single mothers with support and extra special gifts. minded was founded on the desire to give design to single mothers homes, and the desire to give grew from there. This is done in a couple of ways, we offer a percentage of our profit to go towards these sponsorships and also offer our community the option to add a sponsorship contribution.


minded gives design is a bi-annual giveaway by nomination where we have our audience nominate single mothers to whom they think deserve a home makeover and we partner with brands to design the selected single mothers homes.

Design is our founders heart and soul and defines the way you live and feel while you’re at home. Your home is where you start and end your day. Spaces have power not only the physical power of presence but provide emotional power to alter moods, make you feel a sense of peace, a sense of accomplishment, creativity, and empowerment. When mothers come home from a long day of work to their next part of the day with their children we want to wrap them in comfort and  provide respite and strength within their homes so they can rest to get back up and do it again the next day.

Single mothers leave it all on the line on a daily basis burning the candles on both ends and deserve a space to relax, appreciate, have a place of community that supports  and provide them with a sense of gratitude for their lives


So many times attending events get swayed and not attended due to the cost of child care or the cost of the events themselves.

minded gives childcare offers childcare sponsorships where childcare is offered at every event, or in the comfort of your home.



We know one of the largest struggles for single mothers is finances. We don’t want any deterrent to get in the way of women living their best self both for themselves or their children (you need your oxygen mask first).

minded gives sponsorships offer sponsorships to the events themselves to those who need it.

minded gives
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